The 'PLEEC Map' illustrates some of the data collected in the EU-FP7 project PLEEC and a Danish spin-off project. The shown indicators were defined in PLEEC's work package 2 as part of the Energy-Smart City indicator model.

The data behind the indicators was collected from the following sources:

PLEEC cities
Danish municipalities
Final energy consumption - MWh/pers
DST/Region Syddanmark
Energy demand in households - MWh/pers
Energy self sufficiency - % DST/Region Syddanmark (NUTS2 regions)
Share of renewable enegy - %
Population - pers DST - Statistics Denmark Database
Urban land consumption - m2/pers
Share of low energy buildings - % n/a
OIS - Danish Public Information Server
Share of district heating - % cities
DST - Statistics Denmark Database
Share of heat pumps - % n/a
Household waste - tons/pers cities
Manual collection from municipal waste plans
Recycling rate - %
Transport by car - pkm DTU TU - Danish National Travel Survey
Share of car - % (pkm)
Share of car - % (trips) EPOMM TEMS - European Platform on Mobility Management
Share of public transport - % (trips)
Share of cycling - % (trips)
Share of walking - % (trips)
Length of bicycle network - m/pers cities
OSM - Open Street Map

Data shown is from the most recent year avaiable (typically around 2012) when collected in 2015. If you have questions regarding the PLEEC Map, please contact Christian Fertner. We are always open for comments, suggestions and proposals.


Implementation Copenhagen, 2016